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A-line wedding dress

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

A-line wedding dress

Many trends were shown for brides, who were able to check out different models that cater to all tastes, styles and body types. Turn up the volume, because he's back. That's right, volumes and even layering are back in bridal fashion.

Both the La Princesa models, with volumes in the skirts, and the modern volumes. What matters is increasing the volume. Check here how to use, tips and trends about such volumes.

A-line Wedding Dress Trend with Volume

One of the ways to add volume is to use tulle in inner petticoats, something that was used a lot in the past and is now back. The tulle is lightweight and allows for as much fabric as the bride wants.

A-line wedding dress

In addition to tulle, the stylists returned to using another raw material that is making a strong comeback, duchese satin. Soft, heavy and shiny on one side, it is often used as an accent. To complement the princess look, the immense skirts form a composition with very tight corsets, which model and emphasize the proportions of the waist in relation to the hips.

For brides who want comfort to dance the night away and enjoy the party, two-in-one dresses are recommended.

In addition to the possibility of detaching the tail, there are also pieces with a removable overskirt. In addition to fabrics that guarantee volume, structured skirts, with volume and composed in layers or ruffles are also in everything. The idea is to dramatize from the waist down and make the piece more glamorous.

Another option is to bet on volumes with feathers and feathers, going beyond the obvious and still guaranteeing volume. Feathers and feathers can be used covering the entire skirt of the dress, as well as can be used in details on the sleeves or neckline, causing a feeling of volume in strategic places.

By the way, the volumes on the sleeves are also with everything. Long-sleeved models appeared in voluminous structures, in addition to volumes in short sleeves and shoulders.

Tips for sticking to volume

If you want to adhere to the volume, pay attention to the places where you will bet. Volumes can be allies, but they can also be enemies of the bride. The tip is: bet on volumes in places on your body where you have less volume. Did you understand? The rule is inversely proportional. So, if you have little hips, for example, the ideal is to invest in waisted models with lower layers.

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