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Short wedding dress

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Short wedding dress

More and more brides are opting for short wedding dresses. More traditional in daytime weddings in Europe, the short wedding dress is a trend among celebrities. Among the women who opted for the model are actress Keira Knightley and Nancy Shevell, wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney.

Short wedding dresses appear in lighter fabrics, which match exactly with the modern and relaxed wedding proposal. Among the most used fabrics are satin, muslin and tulle. See here how to use it.

short bridal dresses

Civil wedding: short wedding dresses first appeared in civil weddings. For this moment, the tip is not to bet on deep necklines and very short models. To give an air of modernity, the bride can bet on nude or even colored shoes.

Outdoor ceremony: Traditionally, outdoor weddings bring a more rustic and cool aesthetic and short dresses combine very well with this proposal.

In country weddings, there is greater freedom in fabrics and cuts. One tip is to bet on a longer model at the back, with a tail, which will give a nice effect on photos and videos. In beach ceremonies, however, short dress cuts are more restricted, as the beach climate calls for fluid and light models.

To increase, accessories such as flowers are always a good choice and match the natural atmosphere of the ceremony.

Ballroom party: Nothing prevents the bride from wearing a short dress for an evening wedding and in ballrooms. But generally speaking, the short wedding dress is more used as a second model for the reception, and it's an option that is becoming quite common.

A good bet is the dress with a removable skirt: for the first part of the wedding, the long dress with flowing and transparent fabrics, the second is without the skirt.

And the veil? For brides who want to wear a veil, it is important to point out that longer and heavier models do not match the short dress proposal.

Avoid the cathedral-style veil and bet more on voilette and cap models.

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