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Column wedding dress

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Column wedding dress

Tips and trends for column dresses

The column wedding dress pleases many women, including brides. In addition to being super beautiful, delicate and romantic, the strapless dress is back as a trend for brides, appearing in many wedding shows. However, there are the ideal ways to invest in this neckline in order to value the body, make the bride comfortable and also match the proposal of the ceremony, since this neckline is not so democratic and requires a certain amount of attention.

Check out our tips on the subject here and understand how to bet on the column dress without fear.

How to wear a column dress?

Tip number 1 is: Avoid dresses with a straight cut, as this type of neckline usually does not enhance the woman's body. Opt for a curved cut, with a short V or in the shape of a heart.

Avoid straight dresses. In addition to straight necklines, avoid dresses with straight cuts for the same reason: This type of cut does not value a woman's body, especially if combined with strapless dresses. So, invest in a cut that values her body, especially her waist. Bet on dresses with bulge: To wear the strapless, invest in dresses that already come with the bulge, so you don't have to worry about the bra. But beware: the bulge must be tailored to match your breasts.

Choose the right size neckline. Just as the bulge must be the ideal size, the neckline too. Tugging on your dress all night isn't going to be classy! You can choose a tight-fitting corset, or get it tailored before your big day to make sure the dress will fit your body right.

When in doubt, bet on lace straps: If you want the beauty of strapless, but feel insecure with this type of neckline, how about betting on delicate lace straps? Another great option is to use tulle to “hold” the dress to your body.

Who does the strapless dress go well with?

The important thing is that you always feel good, but strapless dresses work best with women with triangle and hourglass bodies.

important tip

Before opting for the strapless dress, check if the church you are getting married in allows this type of neckline. (Of course, if you are getting married in a church). Some churches and temples do not accept the bride to wear dresses with very low necklines or bare shoulders. In this case, bet on a lace or transparent fabric over the neckline and shoulders.

Want to know more about wedding dress tips and trends? Check out our special articles on the topic.

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