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Outdoor Wedding Decoration by Nina Nassar

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Wedding decoration is one of the most important points of a wedding. When decorating an outdoor ceremony, the bride and groom must take certain precautions. Thinking about it, we separate here some tips on the subject and talk to Nina Nassar, Eventando, decoration company.

Exterior decoration

Outdoor wedding decoration can be very versatile, investing in many colors and lights or giving a minimalist tone and enjoying nature alone.

The advice here is: think of the best ways to enjoy the landscape of the place to "set the tone" of your decoration, ensuring harmony. You can use the flowers of the season or

In the field, trees can get special touches like hanging lights or decorative elements.

But do not forget, have a plan "b": be open, anything can happen, so it is very important to be prepared.

If you can choose a place that also has a covered area where the ceremony can be held, great!

Expert word

Eventando is a well-known decoration company recognized in the wedding market.

We chat with Nina Nassar to tell her all about outdoor wedding decoration.

First, he said what are the indications of the decoration for an outdoor wedding: “Marrying outdoors has nature as its great setting, so the decoration and spaces must be integrated with it.

Nina Nassar

The style will depend on the personality of the couple, but there should always be a balance between decoration and nature”, he explained. She talked about the biggest concern about outdoor weddings: "The biggest concern is about the weather, so there should always be a plan B for decoration," she advised.

Nina also talked about trends in outdoor weddings: “Outdoor wedding is a trend and, along with it, came the most stripped styles that improve nature, like Boho and Botanique, who are here to stay. But regardless of the styles, the wedding decoration should always follow the personality of the bride and groom’’, he said.

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