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White Wedding Decoration by Renata Chapchap

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

White Wedding Decoration

Ah, the wedding decoration. This is undoubtedly one of the elements that fills the eyes of the bride. What a delight to choose the decoration of the big day, right? Once the place is decided, you should start looking for a decoration that suits the wedding proposal and the groom's style Decoration is the essence of the event, often responsible for the emotional environment of the space.

Renata Chapchap

Therefore, we recommend that a lot of research be done and that the contractor really be the face of your big day. You are using a set of colors, lights and furniture so that the decoration takes care of the harmonic atmosphere of each party. Every detail chosen will make all the difference to the wedding personality! With this in mind, we talked to Priscila Muniz, of Renata Chapchap. Check it!

Expert word

Prisicila Muniz began by telling us about the company: "Renata Chapchap emerged in 1998, with the purpose of carrying out super detailed decoration and set design projects for social and corporate parties," he said.

"The team consists of the creation and concept of Renata Chapchap, customer service and the production of Priscila Muniz and Alana Muniz, projects and architecture," he added. And there is more: "We also do projects for churches and synagogues and work with florist partners, assemblers and illuminators," he said.

He also spoke about the Renata Chapchap differential: "We develop projects with a boutique concept, which values ​​the quality and exclusivity of the scenography projects of their events," he said.

We asked about the decoration styles offered by the company: “We develop projects of various styles. From the contemporary classic to the most minimalist modern, according to customer expectations and in different spaces, such as residences, spaces for parties, country, beach and destination weddings, "he said.

And, after all, how long are you interested in hiring a set for the wedding? "Ideally, look for the professional one year in advance to ensure the desired date and decorator," he advised. The month before the wedding arrived. What to do? “A month before the wedding, we tried flowers and furniture. The previous week, everything should already be defined! ", Said.

White Wedding Decoration

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