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Trends for Romantic wedding decoration

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Romantic wedding decoration

Wedding decoration is an essential part of the preparation of the ceremony. The first point to consider is the style that will be chosen to decorate the event. To do this, it is necessary to define the style of the bride and groom and then simply adapt the decorative elements. Among the most used is the romantic, after all, nothing more romantic than a party to celebrate a union, right?

The romantic decoration brings together old elements, pastel and nude tones, lace, pearls, crystals and more delicate flowers (such as rose rose). The arrangements are small and more discreet.

By combining colors with arrangements and furniture, it is possible to invest in romanticism for decoration.

The end result should be a harmony between all the elements. But, after all, how not to make mistakes and how to create this balance? Thinking about it, we wrote this special article, with advice from experts Fabio Borgatto and Telma Hayashi.

Trends for Romantic wedding decoration

Expert word

Fábio Borgatto and Telma Hayashi are a couple of experts, a reference in terms of decoration. His story is inspiring: "Almost 15 years ago, when they were still graduate students in the field of ornamental plants, friends Fábio Borgatto and Telma Hayashi were invited to make a friend's wedding floral arrangements. Recognition of the work It was immediate and an association was formed that has distinguished itself by the elaboration of elegant and differentiated decoration projects.

The inspiration for the work comes from constant trips, which can be spent in lavender fields in the south of France or in large metropolises such as New York by exclusive parties to compose the collection, which by the way is full of small "pampering" that They love the most romantic brides.

The couple stands out for the exclusive and personalized service that continues until the big day, when they are present accompanying every detail in the execution of the project. The result cannot be other than a beautiful party marked by elegant compositions of colors, flowers, furniture and accessories’’, describes the site.

Talking with the couple, we discovered the secret of the company's success and even received advice on how to print the romantic style at the wedding, making this day even more special.

First, the experts talked about event planning: “We work with dreams, with the realization of those dreams. Our main objective is that the couple has their wishes fulfilled in the best and satisfactory way.

All the beauty of the moment must be highlighted, all the magic that surrounds the current love of the couple must be reflected in the decoration and the party. Of course, for this to happen, there is a great structure present. The meetings, the suppliers, the technical visits, the projects and other articles are present, but, above all, good planning is carried out with conversations, many conversations, to know the profile of the clients and make their dreams come true”, explained the partner.

The romantic style is the simplest and most elegant of all styles: “The romantic style of Fábio Borgatto and Telma Hayashi is a simple, elegant and delicate decoration. Romanticism is evident from the color chart, flowers, fabrics and furniture used in decoration’’, experts say.

"The perfect decoration is one that can reproduce the couple's dreams, one that transmits all the energy and joy present in this beautiful moment," they complement.

The couple knows how to reflect the personality of the couple in the wedding decoration: “The differential of Fábio Borgatto and Telma Hayashi is the setting of charming and welcoming environments that reflect the wishes of the couple. The characteristic printed in our projects are the environments that give the feeling of being at home. Guests have the impression that they are entering a home, decorated and ready to receive. Our other differential is also to understand the client, know their wishes, work on those wishes and make them come true’’, they say.

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