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All about the wedding of Simon Porte Jacquemus and Marco Maestri

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

On July 6, 2021, stylist Simon Porte Jacquemus had announced his engagement to Marco Maestri, who is director of the digital agency Yoann and Marco, through his Instagram. In the caption, Simon wrote: "I said yes!" In the post, Simon showed several images of his alliance. Simon and Marco have been living together since 2018.

Wedding Simon Porte Jacquemus and Marco Maestri

And in a recent ceremony, on the last 27th of August 2022, Simon Porte Jacquemus and Marco Maestri celebrated their union in a ceremony held at the town hall of Charleval, hometown of the founder of Jacquemus, a super charming village in the south of France, in the region French city of Bouches-du-Rhône. Some fans of the couple gathered and stood outside to celebrate their union, isolated by metal bars. And although the ceremony was very intimate, it was attended by a considerable number of notables, such as singer Dua Lipa, designer Jeanne Damas, shoe designer Amina Muaddi and model Tina Kunakey. Dua Lipa even drew a lot of attention, stealing the show, as she wore a transparent white dress that, logically, was created by Simon himself.

Simon, who was born in Charleval, only moved to Paris after turning 18. It was then that he enrolled at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode, but studied there for a short time. He dropped out of school after a few months and went to work in creative at Citizen K magazine. Aiming to give his career a new direction after his mother's death, Simon became a fashion designer and founded Jacquemus. Simon moved the Parisian fashion world, especially with his colorful and modern creations, which are the hallmarks of the brand he founded.

For the wedding celebration, however, the bride and groom gave up the more “modern” style and opted for classic suits. Marco chose the white suit, while Simon chose a black tuxedo that had a veil coming out of one of the pockets.

To get to the altar, Simon was accompanied by his grandmother, Liline, who has even appeared in commercials for her grandson's fashion brand. She was also the one who hosted the dinner for the guests. Marco arrived accompanied by his mother, Catherine, in a classic 1950s cream MG convertible.

For makeup, the couple enlisted the services of a team of talented hairdressers and makeup artists. According to Yulia Pantiukhina, one of the makeup artists, Simon didn't want the hairdressers to use dry textures and hair sprays. Hence, his hair was styled with cream.

After the ceremony, the reception continued at the Château de Bonneval, where cocktails were served and the designer's father and brother played some live music with the band. It was a gift from the two of them to Simon and Marco. Following the celebrations, a grand dinner was held. There was a table set up outside. Judging by the photos from the event, everything was fascinating!

After dinner, everyone was invited to watch a surprise video that showcased the couple's beautiful love story. But it wasn't even close to the end of the party! Soon after, the outdoor dance floor was opened and the couple's favorite songs were the soundtrack.

And since no wedding is complete without a cake, Simon has gone to great lengths to design the dessert of his dreams. There's nothing like having such a creative groom to design everything from the outfits for the big day to the design of the cake!

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