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Bridal bouquets

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Bridal bouquets are a popular symbol of marriage. When it was created in ancient Greece, it aimed to demonstrate through flowers that the relationship would have fertility, basically as a superstition. Currently, bridal bouquets are items that complement the bride's look and it is also an item that has to be associated with world fashion trends. So let's list some bridal bouquet models that are high.

bridal bouquet

With flowers in coral tone

The color “Living Coral” is the color of the year, it is at the height of trends in everything related to fashion and color. With that in mind, many brides are betting on color to compose their looks, the most common thing is to put some Living Coral flowers and use similar tones to complete the bouquet. When choosing a bright color for your bouquet, it's important to be aware of the color palette of your dress and decor to create an inappropriate contrast. The size of the flowers used in bouquets of this tone are quite varied, but the most used models have flowers that have a darker tone in a larger size and lighter ones in a larger size.

with lots of foliage

​More and more the leaves, which before were just a complete item in the bouquet, are becoming the interesting thing. Many people are betting on using a lot of green leaves of various types, that is, less flowers and more leaves. It is a bridal bouquet look that is very trending mainly for more rustic weddings, with an environment more connected to nature.

White flowers and red flowers

​It looks like a bold combination but it is being used a lot, this combination is more connected to weddings that seek a more glamorous and daring tone. In this combination it is important to use the foliage to slightly neutralize the strength of the red. If possible, try to combine some item of your makeup with the red in the bouquet, for example lipstick. The most used flower in this bouquet is the rose, both in red and white.

small flowers

This model promises to be the big fever in the coming months. Use very small flowers in every bouquet, a lot of tiny flowers accompanied by little foliage (also in the range of flowers). The idea of using these very small flowers to compose your entire bouquet can be associated with a wedding dress with small lace or as a very delicate model. It also goes really well with the idea of outdoor weddings.

aged flowers

​It is very popular, especially for brides with a more alternative style, with more rustic weddings in intimate settings, who did not wear the classic white dress. The bouquet with aged flowers has flowers with more “faded” colors and with dry leaves. It is very popular because it is something totally alternative to the initial proposal of the bouquet.

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