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Honeymoon in New York

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Honeymoon in New York

Marriage is a unique moment in the life of the couple. After the ceremony, it was time to board the honeymoon. So, in wedding planning, the location of the tour is as important as the details of the event.

Many couples opt for New York, an incredible place with many views for the couple to enjoy these moments. And put a lot on it! NY is a guarantee of a good busy trip, where you can see the Broadway show or buy in a variety of stores, you can try a varied cuisine or see the city from above, admire local art or fashion, finally, the travel experience New York will be different with each visit.

With this in mind, we made this special article, with tips to let you know where to stay, when to go, what to know and how to plan this amazing trip.

Where to stay in New York on honeymoon

New York accommodation is available for all tastes and budgets. But for the honeymoon, nothing better than a super romantic place, right? Akwaaba Mansion, The Bowery Hotel, Gramercy Park Hotel and Library Hotel are an excellent choice for lovebirds.

Honeymoon in New York

What to know in New York

In the center of the city, you can visit the Brooklyn Bridge and the Twin Towers, places with a lot of history to tell. Enjoy the Chinatown, where the business and Chinese restaurants of the first decades of the century are preserved, as well as Little Italy, with Italian cuisine.

Right next door is Soho, an ideal place for those who want to visit galleries, buy and meet the most different artistic personalities in the world. Fashion is near Meatpacking District, with famous designer stores and distinguished restaurants. In Midtown you will find the heart of Manhattan, with Times Square and Broadway, sites open 24 hours a day.

In Upper West and East you can visit the famous Central Park, where you will stroll and enjoy one of the largest art museums, the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). Above is the ideal Bronx for religious couples who wish to attend a celebration and an evangelical choir. Take advantage See New York from above, at the top of the 69th floor of the Rockefeller Center, dazzling views.

When to travel to New York

Spring and autumn are the favorite times of the year for tourists who choose to travel to New York. It is in these stations that the city is more crowded and with even more attractions.

Here you will find all the important information and news for your wedding: from the planning of the ceremony to tips for your honeymoon. Always check!

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