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Rustic chic wedding

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

More and more, rustic weddings have gained space, especially the rustic chic concept, which allows for incredible decoration and a ceremony that combines sophistication with intimacy.

Check out tips for a rustic chic wedding here.

Rustic chic wedding

The place

The most common for rustic chic weddings are farmhouse or beach weddings, which totally match the theme. However, the city also accommodates this type of event, such as spaces with exposed brick walls or green and wooded places.

the furniture

Undoubtedly, furniture is one of the key points for decorating a rustic chic wedding. Wood is predominant in this type of ceremony. Mainly the furniture that looks unfinished and aged, as well as the crates, barrels and even sliced logs. It is also worth betting on leather and suede sofas, as well as iron items, with a more industrial footprint.

Avoid plastic, mirrored or glass tables, chairs and other furniture. Also avoid furniture with a very romantic style.

Rustic wedding by day

Getting married during the day and in the open sky emphasizes nature and has everything to do with a rustic chic wedding. It is worth betting on more cheerful colors or pastel tones, lending lightness to the rustic decor.

rustic wedding at night

Rustic weddings can also take place at night, especially in the late afternoon. Therefore, it is worth hiring scenographic lighting and betting on crystal chandeliers.

rustic wedding dress

The most used fabrics in this type of ceremony are satin, muslin, chiffon and tulle, which will give the dress a lot of softness and movement. Here, especially for daytime ceremonies, it is not appropriate to bet on excess glitter and gemstones, but more opaque lace and pearls are charming and appropriate options.

It is important to avoid dresses that are too bulky at rustic chic weddings. A more restrained model gives the feeling of intimacy with the guests.

Rustic wedding hairstyles and accessories

Finishing the hairstyle and headdresses are very important to any bride's complete look. Within the context of a rustic chic wedding, the natural flower wreath trend is super appropriate. Using a big, beautiful flower on the side of your hair is also a simple and charming solution. An even more delicate hairstyle can be done with a loose braid decorated with fresh flowers.

Flower crowns are super cool, but they can wither on very hot days, so take extra flowers if you choose the crown.

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