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Halfpenny Wedding Dress Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Vestido Halfpenny

Kate Halfpenny is the owner and stylist of the English brand Halfpenny London; Halfpenny London has been in the wedding market for years (more specifically with wedding dresses) and at that time it has attended to several personalities such as Kate Moss, Emilia Fox and Erin O'Connor.

The stylist is known for her differential of always making dresses for all types of body and women's styles, pleasing from brides with the most modern wills to the most classic ones and, of course, also doing modeling to dress all sizes.

The collection for next season is called “the air we breathe” and has 16 models of dresses; this time, the brand brought fairy tales as inspiration and each dress is named after a different place in London; a tour of the country and the fantastic stories!

Due to its fairy tale theme, the collection has kept the traditional wedding tone: white. White is the color present in all the dresses, which are distinguished by their modeling and by the type of fabric, which can be silk, satin or, in some models, other more opaque materials to mix with the lace.

Once again, transparency and exposed shoulders dominated the brands' cold-time collections; V-neck, heart and strapless models are the highlights of next year's dresses. Some models are complemented by shoulder-to-shoulder vests made of tulle, to give a special and more wintery touch to the dress.

The featured models are:

Mayfair, the A-shaped dress made in tulle with ruffles on the skirt is the definition of fairy tales and represents the concept of the collection very well. Harbour, with a shoulder-to-shoulder silk top and a flowing, layered train, recalls fairy tale princess dresses and contrasts fabrics. And Camden, the model without a belt that doesn't mark the waist, recalls the classic wedding dresses through the sparkles scattered throughout the piece.



In this collection there is no pattern: the dresses are completely different from each other! That's why Halfpenny London is so well known as the brand that can please every bride. Is that you? What did you think of the models? We are sure you liked most, if not all!

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