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Reem Acra Wedding Dress Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

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Do you know the big brands of wedding dresses? Ah, so you know Reem Accra. The stylist is known for her extraordinary ability to transform the ordinary into elegant.

Do you know how she became known? When a fashion magazine editor saw her at a party wearing an evening gown embroidered in silk organza, made from her mother's tablecloth. Let's find out more about Reem Accra.

The story of Reem Accra

Reem Accra is a fashion designer born in Beirut, Lebanon. She studied at the American University of Beirut, where her parents worked. Her mother, Nadia, worked in the family medicine department and her father, Aftim, was a prominent and distinguished academic, professor, public health specialist and an amber collector.

Vestido de Noiva | Reem Acra | Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

He joined the American University fashion club in Beirut, where he graduated in 1982 with a business degree. She held a fashion show in June 1982 that drew 2,000 people. In 1986, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and won the Department of Fashion Design Award of the Year. She also studied at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode design school in Paris.

Accra left Beirut in 1983, moving to New York during the height of the Lebanese Civil War. After her studies at ESMOD in Paris, Accra took up fashion design positions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. At 25, she was overseeing a $30 million project, but left after seven years to start her own line in New York.

Vestido de Noiva | Reem Acra | Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

Accra worked as a luxury interior designer for three years before starting his own line. Accra started her company in 1997 as a bridal line, after designing a dress for a friend's wedding in three weeks, on a bet that if she could meet the deadline, her friend would pass with the wedding, Set in Paris, at Crillon's hotel. Accra took a photo of the dress and distributed it to the media, including The New York Times, which published the photo. She held her first fashion show in 1999.

Soon after, she purchased $20,000 worth of fabric with her American Express card, launched designs for Saks Fifth Avenue and Kleinfeld, and received an order for thirty dresses. She worked with Max Kane, 89, who owns a factory on 39th Street in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. Accra credits its early success with Kane's guidance and support.

After working with Kane, Accra expanded its business to additional factories and opened its own production centers. Her brand expanded to include evening gowns in 2003 and a ready-to-wear collection in 2008. Her designs are carried in over 150 retailers worldwide.

Reem Accra dresses are available in 150 stores around the world. These stores include Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue in the US, Europe, among other locations at: Brownsfashion. His studio is located on West 35th Street in Manhattan.

The Reem Accra brand

Reem Accra dresses are an ode to glamour, offering the sophisticated with modern touches. Its ready-to-wear collection of wedding dresses are made for a woman with a striking and cosmopolitan personality, including many of her clientele the European nobility. Reem Acra wedding dresses are known for the use of silk embroidery and the use of color, this is because she loves using color in her creations, while still maintaining the traditional.

Vestido de Noiva | Reem Acra | Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

Wedding dresses have become famous for being reworkings of classic wedding dresses into modern dresses, crafted in the finest silks and exclusive embroidery.

Her wedding dresses are meticulously constructed, giving great importance to details. In interviews, she has already talked about the prices of her dresses: “There is always something for all my brides, of all kinds of prices. There is always something everyone can afford”. Prices range from €2,000 to €20,000.

Famous people who use Reem Accra

Reem Accra designs for world personalities like Angelina Jolie, The following celebrities wore Accra dresses:

Christina Applegate, Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Jill Biden, Julie Bowen, Jane Fonda, Selena Gomez, Anna Gunn, Katherine Heigl, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Olivia Munn, Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, Tika Sumpter, Taylor Swift, Olivia Wilde, Reese Witherspoon, Robin Wright, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Melania Trump, and European royalty.

The following celebrities wore Accra wedding dresses during their weddings: LeAnn Rimes, Jenna Dewan and Marcia Cross.

Reem Accra brought to the runway a classic and emotional collection, exploring subjects such as beauty, love, loss and spirituality.

Models with full, voluminous skirts followed one by one combined with wreaths.

The collection also includes a chiffon model with transparency, following a line a little sexier than the others. Lela Rose, on the other hand, followed a more relaxed line. In traditional shades, the models brought less traditional details, such as origami bows, two-piece sets with pants and ankle-length dresses.

“Our brides are independent. They want a dress, but they don't want to feel traditional with it,” said the stylist.

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